Lemon Meringue Tart

HI EVERYONE WE ARE BACK (I know i’m only talking to the 3 people reading this post. Hello, we thank you)

But on a serious note, we’re sorry for not posting in so long. Even though there’s 3 of us, it seems that life has a way of making us incredibly busy with stuffs and things and posting ends up taking a back seat. We humbly apologize. BUT. We pledge that we will attempt to post more regularly in 2015! So to the 3 of you reading this, LOOK OUT FOR MORE STUFF COMING YOUR WAY. YAY. Ok onto the recipe.

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Macadamia Brownies

Practically foolproof recipe that would make a cute little gift for loved ones. Bundle them up in a little box while they’re still warm and your recipients will be very, very happy.


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Hello there! If you notice there is absolutely 0 content on this site!

That’s because we are still doing all the background jazz for our Cool new Cool blog! We will launch ASAP so in the meantime, WATCH THIS SPACE